Friday, May 26, 2017

What Denying Hell Does to the Doctrine of God

Not exhaustive, just some basic, first-line observations.

You must deny God's Holiness (He's ok with sin after all), Justice (He doesn't punish evil), Mercy (where is the generosity in granting salvation if there is no peril associated with not being given it?), Goodness (a God abides what He enjoys; a God who enjoys evil is not good), Truth (He lied about hell), Sacrifice (if Christ bore the punishment due sinners on the Cross, and sinners don't endure God's wrath, Jesus couldn't have suffered for sin!) and Love (same reason).

And his eternality (heaven, hell, God last the same amount of time) and His infinite worth since if the punishment on sin isn't infinite, then the sin is not against a God who's infinitely deserving of our love and obedience.

What I Would Have to Deny to Deny Hell -- Challies

  • What Jesus taught
  • The plain sense of Scripture
  • The testimony of the Church
  • The Gospel


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