Saturday, May 6, 2017

Atheist Problems

Atheists are prone to claim that mental gymnastics are required in order to rationalize a belief in God, or the Bible.

On the contrary.

Mental gymnastics are required to ignore the dissonance implicit in believing that:

  • "nothing" is a subject which can effect objects
  •  a universe in which there are no causes, because time does not exist, can cause the effect of time beginning to exist
  •  the impersonal can generate personality
  •  order comes naturally from disorder, despite the law of entropy
  •  in an infinite universe, discrete acts are insignificant, yet unbelievers are still pragmatists, or see their actions as meaningful
  •  one's actions are meaningless but one is still compelled to act as if they were meaningful
  •  one's own thoughts and memories are reliable, even though those thoughts are purported to be the result of reproductive success and not coherence to truth, and those memories are believed to be reliable based on one's memory of them being reliable.
  • The end of time in an infinite future can never be reached from the present moment, but from the beginning of time, in an infinite past, the universe can nevertheless reach this present moment.

Not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination, but sufficient to show which position requires mental gymnastics to rationalize.

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