Sunday, October 9, 2016

First Post

Welcome to this young man's humble attempt to build a theological writing-bank, be it practicing commentary, sermons, Bible studies, short doctrinal explanations like what is found on GotQuestions, and more. This may function as a demonstration of being "able to teach," should I seek to become a deacon or pastor in the future, as well as to demonstrate sound theology to any potential future Mrs. Walker -- of great importance, since one's wife and children are the first ministry of any married man.

And if it helps witness to the lost in an era where the West is becoming increasingly hostile to Christianity, that is by all accounts something to rejoice over.

If I ever write a book on systematic theology, 'E. G. Walker' sounds much more suitable than I think my name, spelled out, actually seems, so I've decided to try it out here -- though partial anonymity is also of value in this culture when engaged in private endeavors online, so that is a supporting reason. Finally, I like e.g. because it implies that you are demonstrating something by giving an example. Arguably the best initials to have if one aims to write a textbook would be 'Q. E. D.'

Because spiritual maturity in a leadership position requires mindfulness with respect to how one portrays themselves, due to the relevance of perception to reputation to influence, (IOW the qualifications for church elders involving "being of good reputation with nonbelievers"), this will also double as an ongoing test of discipline. If I write consistently well without being hotheaded, or speaking rashly or incorrectly, then it will be a positive sign of my qualification to do well with more responsibility.

I will essentially treat this as a ministry page, and blog accordingly. If you've stopped by, tell me how you like the name,